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How to apply

If you are interested in presenting your work at the (Re)Forming Methodologies: International Student Lecture Series on Gender and Sexuality Studies, please submit your proposal to by no later than 13 September 2020. / midnight (CET)

The standard lecture format will consist of a 40 minute lecture with slides or a handout by the first speaker with follow-up questions from the 2nd speaker (and vice versa). Speakers should be prepared to engage in depth with the work of their fellow speakers. The session will conclude with questions and comments from the audience.

If you have an alternative concept for your presentation, such as an interactive format, please include a seperate page in your application, placed after the abstract, specifically detailing your idea. We are open to discussing new and exciting ideas!

A complete proposal will include an abstract and a sample of your presentation material. Please pay close attention to the guidelines below.

Please ***only*** include your name on the bio page at the very end of your application. It is very important that your abstract and sample materials are anonymous for the selection process.

Note on Financial Compensation: Last winter semester we were able to provide financial compensation to the speakers who participated during the semester. However, as we are currently changing our format it will take us some time to figure out how much and under what conditions we will be able to financially compensate for your work.