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The Student Lecture Series Gender Studies is a transdisciplinary platform for students at the BA and MA-level to present their gender-related research. We run seminars at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in the winter semester and do other events outside the university context in the summer. In July 2020 we held our first-ever conference, SVR Breaks the Internet: an international student conference of gender & sexuality studies, hosting 15 speakers from all over Europe online.

SVR exists to give students at the BA and MA level (as well as BA and MA graduates) a chance to present, share and discuss their work in an academic setting and to be recognised for their expertise. We aim to make knowledge production in academia more inclusive and democratic by facilitating peer-to-peer teaching practices and an open minded, supportive feedback culture. It is important to us that researchers have the opportunity to get critical feedback on their work – by exchanging ideas and hearing meaningful critique from other student researchers.

We also believe in paying people for their work whenever possible - and are always looking for funding sources to make this happen.


At a time when Gender Studies is under threat as a field, and gender equality and LGBTQI rights continue to be suppressed all over the world, we think it’s more important than ever to showcase the variety, depth, and importance of the gender studies scholarship students are producing today.